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Brabham’s back – and it’s not messing around

Much anticipation has built since Brabham Automotive first announced it’s returning to the car manufacture game. And we finally got our curiosity quenched last night at Australia House in London when the BT62 was revealed — a track-only supercar deeply rooted in the company’s racing history…

Secret no more

Walking through the marbled rooms of Australia House last night, filled with significant cars from Brabham’s expansive motor racing history, all set against large abstract paintings and glistening under their own personal chandelier, you could feel the excitement rippling through the air. And fuelling that excitement was the new car — sat concealed and positioned smack-dab in the middle of the room. After a suspenseful five-minute countdown and a heartfelt speech from David Brabham, the car was finally revealed. Retaining the ‘BT’ nomenclature of the past, the BT62 is a track-only, rear-wheel-drive, two-seat supercar that’s powered by a 5.4-litre, naturally aspirated, quad-cam V8 that can produce up to 700bhp. Only 70 will be made — in honour of its 70-year anniversary — and of those, the first 35 will be liveried in celebration of each of the marque’s 35 Grand Prix victories, with display finished in green and gold for the 1966 French Grand Prix victory in Reims. The starting price for the BT62 is 1m GBP, and while beautiful, we must quote co-founder Ron Tauranac, “You’ve built the car of the future, now let’s see how it handles.”

Photos: Brabham Automotive

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