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Bored of your V12 Speedster already? The Aston Martin DBR22 might be the refresher you need

Aston Martin stunned attendees of Monterey Car Week with their new open cockpit two-seater, the V12-powered DBR22. If you just bought a V12 Speedster, you might want to look away…

If you thought the open cockpit supercar trend was over, think again, because Aston Martin have just revealed a new windshield-free two seater, the DBR1-inspired DBR22. Built to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Q by Aston Martin, the marque’s ultra-exclusive bespoke division, the DBR22 boasts a familiar V12 twin-turbo powertrain that puts out a whopping 705 bhp. 

Despite the considerable reserves of thrust, the DBR22’s performance figures are a little ordinary by 2022’s lofty standards. A top speed of 198mph and a 0 to 60 sprint of 3.4 seconds might not blow your socks off, but these figures may help to keep your face intact, should you choose to drive the DBR22 without a helmet. 

Visually, the DBR22 is an easy win, borrowing the V12 Speedster’s overall proportions and clothing them in an arguably much more attractive design. The front and rear bear notable resemblance to the DBR1, especially in the tail and headlights, while the side-profile does a fantastic job of modernising that of the legendary classic Aston. The DBR22 isn’t just an attractive design study, however, because it also demonstrates the latest in Aston Martin’s arsenal of manufacturing techniques, utilising a 3D-printed rear subframe. 

While production numbers of this concept haven’t been confirmed, Aston have revealed that this will "form the basis of a production reality example for an ultra-exclusive number of Q by Aston Martin Customers”. So, if you already own a V12 Speedster, you might want to flog it in case prices take a dip, and if you want to own a V12 Speedster, then hold out because they might become cheaper in the near future.