Arosa Classic Car 2012 hillclimb in pictures

If you drive regularly in Switzerland, you’ll know how sternly the Swiss view speeding. A chance to shun the rules, however, comes in the form of the Arosa Classic Car hillclimb, which sees participants pushing their vehicles and driving skills to the limits, while navigating a closed course.


Although law enforcement was relaxed for the event, the weather this year proved more stubborn: torrential rain was a particular nuisance for spectators and the drivers of open-top cars. Nonetheless, it provided for some fantastic driving action, as our man J. Philip Rathgen – who placed second overall – can attest. The Classic Driver Lifestyle Editor was at the wheel of a rare Porsche 924 Carrera GT, in a collaborative effort between Classic Driver and the Porsche Museum. A full report will follow later in the week but, for now, take a look through the gallery and soak up the action.

Photos: Urs Homberger

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