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Alpine A110-50: A legend reborn

On the legendary A110’s 50th birthday, Renault has resurrected the company that sired it and produced this: the A110-50 concept car.

Classic Driver told of Renault’s plans to resurrect the Alpine marque some months ago, but now it’s official: the Dieppe-hailing marque is back.

Intended to generate interest in Alpine ahead of a potential major brand relaunch, the spiritual successor to the ‘Berlinette’ will have a mid-mounted V6 with around 400bhp – and could go into production within three years.

As was the case during the foundation of the manufacturer in the 60s, the car will use an existing Renault as a basis. The accomplished chassis from the Mégane Trophy race car (essentially a stiffened version of the tubular steel arrangement found in the road car) will support carbonfibre bodywork inspired by the Renault DeZir concept car. Meanwhile, the 3.5-litre V6 from the Trophy racer will also be employed, granting the A110-50 an impressive 395bhp through the rear wheels via a limited-slip differential.

Alpine A110-50: A legend reborn

The mid-mounted V6 will be visible through a 3D rear window, in one of several cues inspired by the original A110. Other tributary nods include a pair of half-domed LEDs which reference the foglights of the 1962 car, and a modern take on the Alpine Blue paintwork. In addition, the concept also retains the theatrical asymmetrical scissor doors – and unconventionally hinged bonnet and engine cover – of the DeZir, but these would most likely be lost in the translation to production, should it be approved.

This centres on the public's reaction at the Monaco Grand Prix where it is being unveiled this weekend, and also on a subsequent appearance at the forthcoming Paris Motor Show. A lot rides on the outcome: the response will influence not only the concept car’s production chances, but also Renault’s decision on whether to resurrect the Alpine brand. The company has stated that the A110-50 could be built within three years, but only if it makes commercial sense. A price tag of close to £40,000 seems likely if so, given its advanced materials and race-bred nature.

Alpine A110-50: A legend reborn


Photos: Renault

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