Alfred, perhaps the happiest classic Mercedes in the world

Fortune seems to smile on Alfred, a Mercedes W123, as he has neither ended up on the scrapheap, nor is he withering away in a garage somewhere in cold and rainy Germany. Far from it – the lucky gent serves as a beach and party shuttle for two young ladies in Portugal. Heaven indeed...

A change is gonna come

“Alfred has been with us for a number of years,” says Ricardo Silva, who runs the classic car showroom Cool & Vintage in Lisbon, and has often entertained us with his delightful car videos. “Whenever we were filming, Alfred was there – either as a dolly or as transport car for the crew. But now we need a van and it's time to let Alfred go.” As a token of their gratitude for many years of faithful service, Ricardo Silva and his colleagues have composed an emotional movie homage to their loyal Mercedes. Let’s hope his next owner keeps him as happy.

'Alfred' the W123 Mercedes E300 turbodiesel is currently for sale in the Classic Driver Market.