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Alfa-fever at Artcurial's 2014 Retromobile sale in Paris

The Artcurial auction on 7 and 8 February 2014 in Paris sees not only a stunning Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 SS for sale, but also a complete Alfa Collection with 43 post-War models from 1900 Super to TZ1...

While Artcurial has not yet published the full auction catalogue, there is already enough to give Alfisti sweaty palms: such as that 6C 1750 SS, with its unique body. The car was in the hands of one owner for a full 58 years and has recently been comprehensively restored. 

An Alfa TZ1 - and 42 other post-War models

The complete Alfa Collection includes an example of every major model of the post-War period. The 43 Italian cars, including an Alfa Romeo TZ1 for an estimated 800,000-1m euros, are being offered in an Alfa-only auction on 8 February.

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