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Advantage: A sting in the tale

Who says American cars don’t like corners? As this beautifully shot film shows, the classic Sixties Corvette Stingray is right at home on the twisty Swiss mountain roads…

It’s very James Bond, this film – picturesque scenery, a gorgeous car, a tension-building score and, of course, a pistol-wielding, sharp-suited chap looking rather pleased with himself. And we would be, too, jostling a Corvette Stingray up arguably one of the most beautiful roads in the world (the old Gotthard Pass, in case you were wondering), safely ahead of a rather suspect looking convoy. If Martin and Sandro Baebler’s ‘Advantage’ doesn’t leave you itching for more, we’re not sure what will.

Video: Advantage from bsv-production GmbH on Vimeo

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