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It's Hammer Time for these pre-merger Mercedes-AMGs

The collecting world appears to have fallen head over heels in love with rare Mercedes-Benz models from the 1980s and 1990s, and this pair of V8 brutes heading to Broad Arrow Groups upcoming Amelia Island Sale prove just how hot these beasts really are!

If you were to walk into any Mercedes-Benz dealership, anywhere in the world right now, you’d likely be greeted by dozens of models designed to cater for almost every driver. Out of those dozens, each will have countless amounts of variants, one of which being AMG. While Mercedes-AMG do still make some exceptionally well-rounded and exhilarating machines, back in the 1980s AMG was a candy store for the craziest customisation options, both in the way it looked, and more importantly, the way it drove. 

AMG was mainly staffed by ex-Mercedes engineers who were able to build the cars of their dreams without interference from Mercedes management, which meant that no idea was too ludicrous. Their catalogues were packed with goodies, allowing customers the chance to change the wheels, wood trims, spoilers, body kits, gear shifters, you name it, this catalogue could make your 1980s dream come true. Of course, while many scanned the visuals, like some literature, the juicy stuff was at the back. Flick here and you’ll find engine modifications, from simple exhaust changes, right the way up to a fully re-engineered 6.0-litre V8, putting the final bill at more than a Ferrari Testarossa. Who would be crazy, and rich enough to do that?

Well, luckily for both AMG and us, quite a few enthusiasts did, and these two examples heading to Broad Arrow Group’s upcoming sale at Amelia Island are two of the very best we’ve ever come across. 1980s Mercedes-Benz models are rocketing skywards price wise, and these two are certainly confirming that statement. 

Starting with this vibrant Nautical Blue Metallic example, which happens to be the sleeker, two-door coupé variant of Mercedes’ beloved W124 model designation. While many will find the 3-litre inline-six of a 300CE was powerful enough for most backroads, this example passed through AMG’s department, collecting every bell and whistle imaginable. Its engine bay houses a potent 32-valve, four-cam, 5.0-litre M119 V8 from the then recently launched R129 500 SL, which was then tuned to the maximum to produce 376 horsepower, almost double that of the 300CE.

AMG then transformed their new 6.0-litre monster into a widebody model, with flared fenders for housing the wider three-piece OZ AMG Aero III 17-inch wheels, which, when paired with a limited-slip differential, aided in putting that immense power to the ground. This complete reworked brute displays only 36,701 since new and has an estimate of EUR 705,882 to 800,000. Yes, you read that correctly.

If that glorious coupé ticks all of your boxes, apart from having a little more space in the rear, Broad Arrow Group have you covered. Starting life as a standard, $39,500 1987 W124 chassis 300 E that was destined for the US market, it was sent to the headquarters of AMG North America to have the ultimate conversion. With AMG’s wizard-like hands, this simple saloon was transformed into a potent Autobahn stormer, for an additional $97,988.29, of course. The work was done by hand, slotting the same 6.0-litre V8 as the coupé into it, as well as some stunning exterior options.

Like the coupé, this example has travelled a mere 32,600 from new, and includes factory correspondence, as well as the original build sheet, along with recent RENNtech services. According to Broad Arrow Group, in total, it would cost approximately $146,000 to build this Hammer when it was new, and as a result of the extreme amount of work and cost, it is believed to be one of only thirteen built in North America and one of less than 30 produced worldwide. The estimate? EUR 538,692 to 585,535!