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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

As usual, we’ve found five of the sweetest classics in the Classic Driver Marketplace for this week’s Market Finds, but this time round our selection really shines because of their fantastic interiors, as well as their collector car status.

The Oxymoron

It’s well known that Lamborghini name their cars after famous bulls, but a tastefully specc’d Urus sounds more like an ox-ymoron (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist) than anything else. Here to prove us wrong is this 2020 Urus in an absolutely jaw-dropping shade of Verde Hydra Metallic paint. Unlike most Uruses (Uri?), this car hasn’t been made to look like a demented Barbie truck or pair of men’s trimmers, and the natural leather interior has also been saved from a toddler’s colour palette. Full carbon and an Akrapovic race exhaust add some extra visual and auditory bite to what will undoubtedly be the envy of everyone on the school run.


Golden Child 

This week’s top pick has to be this immaculate E46-generation 2006 BMW M3, equipped with the rare Competition Pack. With just over 21,000 miles behind it, we doubt you’ll find another M3 in such pristine condition and cars like this are only going to become rarer as the world fully realises what great cars these are. Equipped with the legendary S54 straight-six, this M3 is doing it’s best CSL impression, with the wheels, interior, and SMG gearbox all adding to a less hardcore take on what is arguably the greatest driver’s car BMW ever made. For less than two thirds of the price of the new, divisive M3, why not experience one Bavaria’s greatest hits? 


Gateway drug

Here to tempt you away from that new Fiesta ST this week is a delightful 1984 Alfa Romeo 1500 Sprint QV. With a mighty 105 bhp erupting from its monstrous 1,490 cc four cylinder boxer, it will leave even Mercedes A45s quaking in their Michelins. Okay not really, but just one look at this little Alfa tells you that it will be an absolute joy to drive, especially from inside that wonderfully 80s interior, complete with green carpets. You may have to spend the 10k you save relative to a new hot hatch keeping it going if the stereotypes are true, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking for another Alfa to add to the collection after your first drive in this Italian sweetheart. 


Safe not boring

There’s a reason the 996 generation of 911 is on everyone’s lips as of late — it’s because they’re absolutely awesome cars that handle like a dream and provide very little mechanical drama once the notorious IMS bearing and rear main seal have been replaced. They’re also fantastic value for money, and at £27,869 this 2003 911 Carrera 4S is probably the best value-for-money daily driver on the Classic Driver Market. Finished in a subtle shade of Seal Grey, this is a car that will be on every petrol head’s Wishlist this festive season, so act fast if you want a 996 before the prices go the way of every previous 911 generation. 


Panda in a tux

The fifth-must have collector car on this list is one of the smartest-looking Pandas we've ever seen. Featured on our instagram earlier this week, this 2003 Fiat Panda 4X4 has had the paint and interior fabric catalogue from a little-known company called Ferrari thrown at it. With Abetone Green and Ice white two-tone paint paired with a beige leather and green Alcantara interior, you’ll have the nicest Panda in town, whether it’s St. Moritz or Whistler. Just don’t forget your skis.