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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

This week’s Market Finds climbs the cylinder-count ladder from a 4-cylinder VTEC Mini, all the way up to a 12-cylinder open-top Lamborghini Murciélago. How high up the ladder you go is down to you!

VTEC British bulldog

The original Mini was a car that proved big horsepower wasn’t the be-all and end-all, taking home gold at the Monte Carlo Rally in the face of much more powerful competition. Zcars clearly didn’t get the memo, because this 1990 Mini Cooper has been fitted with a 200hp 4-cylinder Honda VTEC engine, creating what we can only imagine is the track equivalent of a Chucky doll. Fitted with a stripped-out race-ready interior, bucket seats, racing suspension, and some chunky Wilwood brakes, this 700kg track weapon is not to be sneezed at. If your favourite weekend activity is making Ferrari owners sob onto their carbon fibre steering wheels, this is the tool for the job. 


Coolest dad on the block 

It seems to be a universal law that with every passing year, the boxy ‘90s Mercedes looks even better. Fitted with three-piece AMG wheels, this straight-six-toting 1996 Mercedes E280 T Sportline has been stanced to perfection and would undoubtedly be the coolest car at the school pickup. It looks to be in great condition too, with just over 90,000 miles on the clock this wagon’s two-tone paint and interior both look pristine for a car that’s nearing 30 years old. If you need some extra room but want to stand out from the boring SUV crowd look no further. 


Red heart, blue exterior

We’re halfway up the ladder with this gorgeous V8 1987 Ferrari 328 GTB, and we’d totally understand if this was where you decided to hop off. While some Ferrari enthusiasts prefer the purity of the original 308’s design, this makes an excellent case for itself in this jaw-dropping shade of blue, especially when you consider many believe this to be one of the most reliable and functional Ferraris, a reputation the 308 doesn’t share. With the odometer reading just over 16,000 miles and just 2 previous owners, it might be a while until you find as pristine an example as this, so we wouldn’t wait around if we were you - it is nearly Christmas, after all. 


Simply sublime 

If you possess eyes and aren’t colour blind, the 10-cylinder dream car before you will have already wormed its way into your heart. If you are colour blind, this 2005 Porsche Carrera GT isn’t grey, it’s Turquoise Green Metallic - possibly the finest colour every created by science. It’s no garage queen either - with 37,500 miles on the clock this is one of the rare Carreras GTs that has actually been driven and enjoyed, which should only encourage the next owner to do so too. If one holy-grail Porsche isn’t enough for you, then DK Engineering also have a 993 911 GT2 in the exact same stunning colour. If you want to instantly acquire the coolest two car garage on the planet, you know what to do. 


Drop-top Batmobile 

While Lamborghini are famed for naming their cars after the most vicious of raging bulls, the Murciélago was named after a far smaller mammal - the bat. Finished in a relatively reserved shade of Grigio Avlon, this 2005 Lamborghini Murciélago is perhaps more Bruce Wayne than Batman, but we doubt you’ll notice the colour once that V12 behind your head begins to wail, especially as you’ll have the incredibly rare pleasure of rowing through the gears in a drop-top V12 Lambo. As far as driving experiences go, a low-mileage, manual Murciélago is about as outrageous as it gets.