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10 British beauties in Historics at Brooklands’ May sale

There are two kinds of car buyers out there — ones that want a reliable car and ones that want a beautiful car. And let’s just say that British cars are typically very beautiful. Luckily for the aesthetic buyer, Historics at Brooklands’ 19 May sale is overflowing with British beauties…

For the devoted British marque fans, Historics at Brooklands’ sale on 19 May has a wide variety of English cars to satisfy every taste — from the ever-popular Aston Martins and Rolls-Royces to the lesser-known Jensens and TVRs. A highlight from the bigger brands would have to be the 1997 Aston Martin Vantage V550 (est. 139,000–159,000 GBP), aptly finished in Suffolk Red and clocking just 61,000 miles over 20 years. Or for those who favour the underdog, the recently re-established TVR is represented with one of its formerly famous sports cars — the 400 SE. One of only 242 built, this Mica Blue example (price on request) offers both blistering performance and aesthetic appeal. You can find the entire catalogue of Historics at Brooklands’ May sale listed in the Classic Driver Market or, alternatively, find our 10 favourites below. 

Our 10 favourite British beauties