Who knew Anglo-Japanese fusion food worked so well?

In the culinary world, taking flavours from two different countries and combining them to create something new and truly delicious is no mean feat. In the case of the ‘Yamando’, its talented custom motorcycle builder deserves the engineering equivalent of a Michelin star…

Fusion food

On the request of motorsport enthusiast Brad Monk, retired racer Tovio Madrus built this sublime machine using components from two brands we don’t think we’ve ever seen combined before: Yamaha and Norton. The main reason for this was the Norton frame’s isolatic engine-mounting system, which best suits the highly tuned Yamaha power plant. Other frames could simply not handle the 80HP produced by the 750cc engine in its current state of tune. The result of roughly 250 hours of work, the ‘Yamando’ not only looks the business but has also proven itself on the track – a winning recipe indeed. 

Photos: Andrew Wilcox

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