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Say ‘Ciao’ to boring scooters with this custom Piaggio

The humble scooter is a starting point for all two-wheeled obsessives and, in some countries, something of a transport institution. From the minds of two Italian brothers, this one-off Piaggio pays homage to the diminutive moped by injecting some love and custom style into an old workhorse…

Minty fresh

Starting with a practical, sensible, and far from stylish 1982 Piaggio Ciao PX, OMT Garage created the ‘Silhouette’ — a stretched, streamlined, and slender wonder, hunkered low to the ground with flowing lines to die for. Lengthening and lowering the chassis added some stability and attitude, while the bespoke aluminium fairings and tail section further added to the retro racer aesthetic. With its dropped handlebars and lightweight cork seat (yes, cork), there is no mistaking the racing ambition of this little moped, backed up by some modifications to the original two-stroke engine. Bored out to 75cc from 49cc with a lightened flywheel, 19mm carburettor, and electronic ignition, this Piaggio has some peppy performance to match its looks. Finished in a gorgeous green hue, this Piaggio screams Italian elegance and, above all, fun.

Photos: Deus Milano

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