This retired racing Rotax was blessed with a second chance at life

When Jack de Roco first found this desirable PM eight-spoke-wheeled Wood Rotax in upstate New York, he knew that it’d be the perfect first major restoration project for Motoroco…

More the merrier

With racing battle scars, scrutineering stickers, and a bit of rust, it was clear this bike had lived a hard and fast life, and once found a few years ago, there were really only two options: take it to the scrap yard and put it out of its misery or renovate it and bring new life to its metal bones. Motoroco, a collaboration between de Roco, Dirk Pieper, and Dimitri Hettinga, saw the potential in the little bike and had it shipped over to the Netherlands to immediately get to work on it. The bike was completely dismantled and underwent a nut and bolt restoration, with the frame sanded, replated in nickel, and polished; a new seat constructed (with the original repainted in chocolate brown and kept for purists); the R6 fork shaved and repolished; the engine completely rebuilt (by not one but two different shops), a newly constructed exhaust; and all shocks, carburettors, spacers, and bearings cleaned or replaced where needed. With fresh oil running through its veins, this bike is ready to get back out on the open dirt tracks, where it can be let loose and truly run in anger.

Photos: Motoroco

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