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The PG Bugatti Bike completes the dream Chiron trilogy

As the Bugatti Chiron starts to make its way off the production line, owners are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But, if they want to make the dream transportation trio complete, they could be waiting awhile longer for both the Bugatti Niniette 66 yacht and this PG Bugatti Bike…

Pedals over paddles

Although it might not have the 1,479 horsepower the Chiron does, the PG Bugatti Bike is bound to make at least a few head’s turn as it flies down a country road. Like the Chiron, its carbon-fibre components, encompassing approximately 95% of the structure, were handcrafted using prepreg materials and methods found only in the motorsport and aeronautic industries. Weighing less than 5kg, making it the lightest urban bike in the world, each of the 667 units can be customised by their new owner, with a choice of over eight different colour combinations to match its four-wheel companion. Although prices have yet to be announced, along with an official release date, there have been claims of a 39,000-US dollar price tag — on the bright side, at least there won’t be any fuel costs!

Photos: PG

You can find more information about the PG Bugatti bike here