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This Ducati F1R will make a rebel out of anyone

For those who don’t like to play by the rules, colour inside the lines, keep in step, think inside of the box, or follow the latest trends, we’ve found the bike for you: the Ducati F1R by Rebellion of the Machines…

Rebel without a cause

As its name implies, Rebellion of the Machines, comprising Adolfo Calles and brothers Jose and Raúl Perez, was created out of a mutual annoyance with the ever-popular trend of “shabby bikes being hidden under the label ‘artisan’ or ‘handmade’” and, to combat this craze, they began to build motorcycles they liked, whether in ‘style’ or not. And this Ducati F1R is definitely not the ‘norm’. Based on a 1993 Ducati M900 Monster, the black and gunmetal grey full fairing F1R features a rebuilt motor to 904cc, with a case cover finished in matte black, a frame painted in titanium instead of the traditional bronze, and a custom-made two-tone fuel tank in black and grey. To further enhance its sinister exterior, the bike has been fitted with squared Suzuki headlight — a conscious deviation from the popular circle ones normally fitted. Offered with a lifetime warranty, Rebellion of the Machines ensures that you’ll be able to defy all future fads with this F1R…

Photos: Rebellion of the Machines

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