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This BMW R1200R is a two-wheeled tribute to Goodwood

Legendary designs, locations and events will always be a source of inspiration for generations to come. Inspired by Goodwood and the great Bentleys of the 1930s, this BMW R1200R by VTR Customs is a hybrid Anglo-German bruiser…


Christened the ‘Goodwood 12’, the latest bike from Swiss custom bike builder VTR Customs is a fabulous personification of elegance and anger. Beginning with the muscular BMW R1200R, VTR drastically altered the lines of the bike, creating a low profile with wide shoulders and a narrow tail. The resulting stance is aggressive, which contrasts beautifully with the elegant British Racing Green paintwork, brushed aluminium metalwork and brown accents. Featuring classic numbering and signwriting, this is retro-modern bike building at its very best. 

Photos: VTR Customs

This BMW R1200R is currently listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.