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A BMW bike fit for Lawrence of Arabia

If Lawrence of Arabia had crossed the desert by motorcycle, rather than by camel, he’d almost certainly have opted for this intriguingly modified BMW R100GS…

Utilitarian cool

Aside from the obvious khaki colour scheme, modifications include a pared-back sub-frame and exhaust system, dynamic engine tuning, chunky off-road tyres and – hipster alert – a handlebar-mounted Leica camera. Incidentally, this bike is currently offered for sale in the Classic Driver Market. It might appeal primarily to urban hipsters, but if you are planning a trans-Saharan adventure, this could be just the tool for the job. How it fares in guerilla train-wrecking raids, on the other hand, is another question altogether. 

Photos: Autosalon Stich

You can find this bike and many others offered for sale in the Classic Driver Market.