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Zagato presents showcar duo at Aston Martin centenary celebration

Milanese design house Zagato presented long-time collaborators Aston Martin with a pair of unique showcars in celebration of the British marque's centenary in Kensington Palace Gardens...

Based on modern Astons, the cars represent "an exotic cross of Aston Martin DNA with Italian flair and Milanese inspiration reminiscent of Zagato cars from the 1950s". The coupé - which began life as a DBS - was commissioned by a young Japanese entrepreneur, presented in a colour scheme to reflect his youthful taste. The DB9-based Spyder Centennial has a more understated interior at the request of its new owner, American collector Peter Read.

According to Andrea Zagato, the cars were approved by Aston CEO Dr Bez back in November, but not seen by anyone outside Zagato until today. Given the relatively short gestation period, the millimetric precision of the bodywork (take a look at how tight the panel gaps are) is all the more impressive, even if the overall designs cater to quite a particular taste.

Photos: Jan Baedeker