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Long-term parking: The Castle of the Lost Alfas

As an ‘urbexer’ – or urban explorer – Tim Knifton travels the world in search of decayed and abondoned environments. While exploring an old castle in Belgium recently, he was able to photograph this fascinating fleet of dilapidated Alfa Romeos.

Tim describes his pastime as “urban exploration or the capture of unseen, derelict places and documenting decay that many people would not have the chance to see”. Here he explains the story behind his discovery last November:

“One of the places that was definitely on my list to visit in Belgium was the ‘Lost Alfas’ – six Alfa Romeo 1960s sport cars left to rot in the bowels of an abandoned castle somewhere in Belgium.”

“After several attempts at walking across fields, and exploring barns and courtyards, we reported back to the others that the castle was over the gate but there was no clear way to get to it, so one of our guys headed off to find an alternative route. Within five minutes the access was found and we made our way down the driveway in the emerging light of sunrise towards the castle.”

“On arrival at the castle, we ventured through the grass and found an archway underneath. It looked promising, so we pressed on a little further and discovered the cars”. Tim underlines his insistence on preserving history, with the motto “take photos, and leave only footprints.”

The cars in question look to be a pair of Giulia 1600 Spiders, a Giulietta 1300 SS and a 1300 Sprint. Since Knifton’s adventure, the castle has been permanently sealed, meaning the unfortunate yet oddly captivating Alfas might be entombed forever.


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Photos: Tim Knifton

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