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This rare De Tomaso Guara Spider is the 90s supercar the world forgot

In its heyday, this De Tomaso Guara Spider rubbed shoulders with Ferrari 348s and Lamborghini Diablos, and yet today it’s relatively unknown. Now you can bid on this ultra rare purple beauty at Aguttes’ La Vente des Damiers sale on May 1st.

Judging by the spec sheet at least, this 1994 De Tomaso Guara Spider is every bit the 90s supercar when compared with its contemporary rivals from Ferrari and Lamborghini. Powered by a 286 hp 4.0-litre BMW V8 and with a sticker price equivalent to 145,000 euros when new, the Guara undoubtedly ticked off power and price from the supercar checklist. It even had technology on its side too, draped in Kevlar bodywork and featuring suspension developed by Formula 1 engineer, Enrique Scalabroni. However, history wasn’t kind to the Guara, and in the end only around 50 of these stunning supercars were ever built, with the Spider variant, like this example, being the rarest of the lot. Modified from the BMW-engined coupes with the factory’s blessing by Carrozzeria AutoSport S.r.L., it is believed that less than five Guara Spiders are in existence today. 

A very rare beast indeed, then, and this purple example certainly has the visual oomph to back up its auction estimate of around 200,000 euros. With hints of Jaguar XJR-15 at the front and Bugatti EB 110 at the rear, this Guara Spider is an incredibly attractive automobile to our eyes. This Guara Spider has racked up less than 15,000 kms on the odometer since it left the factory and appears to be in stunning condition, certainly making it a worthy ambassador of the breed. It should also be mentioned that this was the last model to wear the De Tomaso badge, with the company filing for bankruptcy shortly after Alejandro de Tomaso’s death in 2003. So, if your supercar collection has niche you’re looking to fill, be sure to mark Aguttes’ La Vente des Damiers sale on May 1st in your calendar.