This is Unique & Limited’s 100th birthday present to BMW

As part of its centenary celebrations, BMW has commissioned Unique & Limited to create an artistic tribute to what the Bavarian company considers its finest motorsport victory – the 1940 Mille Miglia…

The man at the wheel of the winning BMW 328 coupé during 1940’s substitute Mille Miglia was Huschke von Hanstein, the racing baron who would go on to become Porsche’s press officer and take the company onto the world stage. Unique & Limited’s latest collection of prints honours the victory, and ties in with BMW’s centenary celebrations this year. Two fabulous prints were created – one a tasteful poster for the Mille with the gorgeous 328 in pride of place, and the other depicting the moment Von Hanstein allegedly defied his orders and allowed his co-driver Walter Bäumer to take the helm for the final 30km of the race. 

Photos: Unique & Limited

You can find more information about Unique & Limited’s collections or purchase a print at its website.