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Tintin set for Hergé exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris

From 28 September 2016 until 15 January 2017, an exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris will look back at the work of Hergé, featuring his references to the general art world and, of course, the cartoon adventures of Tintin…

One reason for the continuing success of Tintin is certainly the variety of historic and cultural references that were included in Hergé’s stories. The famous cartoonist also sought inspiration from art itself, admiring not only the old masters but also exotic tribal art, cinema and the revered post-War avant-garde artists such as Warhol, Lichtenstein and Dubuffet, whose works he collected.

The exhibition at the Grand Palais looks back at the biography of Hergé – whose real name was Georges Prosper Remi – and is brought to life with numerous original drawings and interviews. 

Watch the exhibition trailer

‘Hergé’ runs until 15 January at the Grand Palais in Paris.