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The Pink Panther joins forces with Larusmiani for this suave and stylish capsule collection

On the eve of its 100th anniversary, the Milanese fashion house of Larusmiani has teamed up with one of the most iconic and suave gentlemen in movie history: the Pink Panther. The playful capsule collection is now available at Larusmiani boutiques from Porto Cervo to St. Barths – and in the CD Shop.

If there is one luxury brand dedicated to the artform of being a gentleman and always looking splendidly elegant while not taking oneself too seriously, it’s Larusmiani. Founded in 1912 and run in its third generation by the creative mastermind and car connoisseur Guglielmo Miani, the Milanese fashion house has now teamed up with the entertainment giant MGM for what we think is the most flamboyant collaboration since Gunter Sachs met Brigitte Bardot.

Inspired by the iconic Pink Panther from the Inspector Clouseau comedy-mystery films that reached cult status in the 1960s and 1970s, Larusmiani has launched a highly creative capsule collection featuring cashmere crewneck sweaters, velvet silk robes, friulana slippers, humidors, watch cases and plenty of other gentlemen’s essentials, all carrying the iconic lanky silhouette of the Pink Panther. So this winter, when you retreat to your alpine love shack or carribean hideaway to binge-watch all the old Peter Sellers movies, just make sure you do it in true Pink Panther style. Discover and buy the Larusmiani Pink Panther Capsule Collection in the CD Shop.