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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

For this week’s Market Finds, we’ve found five cars that have literally nothing in common, apart from the fact that they’re all anything but ordinary — take a look below!

A V12 and room for 4

It’s a good week when the most ordinary car on the list is a V12, 550hp Aston Martin super saloon, like this 2017 Rapide S. While in period the Rapide never really flew out the showrooms, now that the car has been retired from active duty in Aston’s lineup and the industry as a whole moves towards electrification, the idea of this V12 brutish Brit becomes increasingly appealing. This example ups the desirability even further with its low mileage of just 37,000 kms and stunning combo of Tungsten Silver with Tan interior. If a DB11 doesn’t offer enough room, and you prefer Aston’s old styling, then this could be an excellent choice.


One crazy ‘Vette

Corvettes aren’t exactly known for their subtlety, and this star-spangled bannered 1975 Greenwood Corvette Tribute turns the ostentatiousness up to 11. Built as a tribute to the widebody Corvettes developed by John Greenwood which dominated the SCCA championship in 1975, this ‘Vette is a race veteran itself, having competed at the 2014 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion and the Sonoma Historic Festival. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this muscle car is all bark and no bite either, because under the hood is a 468 C.I. big block producing a whopping 660hp at 7000 RPM, mated to a Jericho 4-speed shifter. While original Greenwood Corvettes can fetch $500,000, this one is a relative bargain at $75,000, so unless you hate the concept of freedom, what’s not to like?


Bora, not boring

With Maserati set to add a new mid-engined supercar to it’s lineup in the form of the upcoming MC20, what better time to revisit their midship rockets of old, such as this stunning matching-numbers 1973 Bora. While the MC20 will undoubtedly thrash a Bora in any metric of performance, what the Bora lacks in outright pace, it makes up for it with it’s gorgeous Giugiaro design and pop-up headlights. With 62,000 miles on the clock, this Bora has seen steady use over the years, which can only reassure the future owner of its mechanical solidity. If you’re looking for something a little different to the usual 70s supercar suspects, this Bora is quite the exciting proposition indeed. 


This Panther can swim! 

Okay, we’ll admit it, this 2015 WaterCar Panther won’t be winning any beauty pageants, and if we’re honest, this thing is about as pig-ugly as they come. The wheels are at least 10 inches too small, and there isn’t a good angle on this car. However, any concerns about the Panther’s appearance will fade away as soon as you drive into the ocean and keep going, because as the name suggests, this wild ride is an amphibious vehicle. Despite the boxy appearance, this Panther is certainly no slouch, with it’s 3.7 litre 6 cylinder Honda V-Tec engine capable of propelling it through the high seas at up to 70 km/h - not bad at all! If you value having immense amounts of fun over looking cool, then the Panther could be the boat-car for you. 


Art in motion

If, like us, a PTS Porsche of any kind sends a jolt of excitement through your brain, then this custom-painted 1979 911 3.1 SC is bordering on the explicit. Ordered from factory with the Performance Package, front and rear spoiler, fog lights, high beam headlights, and of course the stunning paintwork by king of painters, Walter Maurer, you won’t find another 911 like it. The car remains in stunning original condition, and has covered an admirable 117,702 miles over the years, so while it looks like it belongs in a museum, you won’t need to worry about enjoying this beautiful Porsche. If you want your ride to double as a work of art, then look no further.