‘Steve McQueen’ Ferrari 275 GTB/4 returns to Maranello

Gosh, ‘Steve McQueen’ and ‘Ferrari’ in one news story. Two of the most famous names in the world have been reunited, as a four-cam Ferrari 275 GTB that once belonged to the Hollywood legend is now at Ferrari Classiche for restoration and certification.

The American was well-known for his love of fast cars, his on-screen success giving him the means to buy a huge number of the world’s finest, including Porsches, a Siata, a Jaguar XKSS and several Ferraris.

This one was purchased in San Francisco when McQueen was filming Bullitt and converted to a ‘N.A.R.T. Spider’ replica by a later owner in the 1980s. Under the strict originality criteria of the Ferrari Classiche programme, it therefore had to be returned to the specification in which it left Maranello in the late-1960s, i.e. a coupé.

‘Steve McQueen’ Ferrari 275 GTB/4 returns to Maranello

Its current owner has entrusted the Ferrari factory, via its Classiche division, to carry out this work and hence certify the car as totally original.

Photos: Ferrari

Ferrari Classiche Department: www.ferrari.com.

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