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A message from Rob Dickinson – President and Creative Director of Singer Vehicle Design Greetings from California and welcome. Watches, while a somewhat predictable bedfellow to cars in our shared universe, have been a passion of mine since I first saw the ‘Heuer Chronograph’ logo on the Ferrari Grand Prix cars in the early 1970s (about the same time I was falling for the Porsche 911). Consequently, and for a number of years now, the itch to fashion a ‘proper’ new watch – not a frippery or a branding exercise but something of, dare I say it, ‘importance’ has been a nagging obsession of mine. Well, the universe looked kindly on this obsession and the product of two years’ intense collaboration, development and neurotic consideration has become a reality as we not only launch a new timepiece but also a new high-watchmaking company, based in the spiritual home of horology – Geneva, Switzerland. The dream was to reimagine the sporting chronographs of the 1960s and ‘70s in a manner that celebrated their magnificence but brought a profound new sense of priority to the way in which elapsed time – the essence of a chronograph – was presented. The reality is a timepiece we are extremely proud of and one we hope is the first of many creative journeys within this noble industry. We hope you will join us on this adventure and explore our work and philosophy – I invite you to explore the new home of Singer Reimagined. Best wishes from us all Rob
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