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    1 470 mi / 2 366 km
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    Convertible / Roadster
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    United States
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The Porsche 914, originally developed as a collaboration between Porsche and Volkswagen, is a distinguished model in the Porsche lineup for its unique mid-engine layout and its role as an accessible sports car. The 914's design and engineering marked a significant departure from Porsche's more traditional rear-engine setup, providing a balanced chassis with excellent handling characteristics. While originally equipped with either a flat-four or flat-six engine, depending on the model, enthusiasts have found ways to enhance the 914's performance and driving dynamics through modifications, including engine conversions.

One such popular modification among the Porsche 914 community involves swapping the original engine for a Subaru EJ20 4-cylinder engine. The EJ20 is a 2.0-liter, horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine from Subaru, known for its robust construction, reliability, and performance potential. This turbocharged engine, which has powered a range of Subaru models including the Impreza WRX, offers a significant increase in horsepower and torque over the 914's original powerplants, transforming the driving experience.

The appeal of the EJ20 engine swap lies not only in the enhanced performance but also in the engine's modern features, such as electronic fuel injection, turbocharging, and advanced engine management systems. These characteristics make the EJ20 a more efficient and responsive engine, capable of delivering smoother power delivery and improved fuel economy compared to the original engines available in the 914.

Incorporating the EJ20 into a Porsche 914 requires extensive modifications, including custom fabrication to accommodate the engine in the mid-engine layout, along with adjustments to the drivetrain, cooling system, and exhaust. However, the result is a highly unique 914 that retains the classic styling and handling of the original while benefiting from the power and reliability of a modern performance engine.

This engine conversion exemplifies the versatility and enduring appeal of the Porsche 914 as a platform for customization and performance enhancements. With the Subaru EJ20, the 914 gains a new lease on life, offering an appealing blend of classic sports car aesthetics and contemporary performance, making it a favorite among enthusiasts looking to combine the best of both worlds.

914 # 4732901344 benefits from this conversion, which has been completed to a very high standard during comprehensive restoration work some years ago along with a widened track, 916-style fender flares, and 17" Fuchs-style wheels.

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