1960 Maserati 3500


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  • Car type 
    Convertible / Roadster
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  • Condition 
    Original Condition
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  • Exterior colour 


Swedish Title
Chassis Number: AM 101 0879
Engine Number: AM 101 0879
Internal Engine Number: 426
Gearbox: ZF S.4.17

- Extremely rare "Long bonnet" pre-series car
- Untouched and totally original
- Hard top of which only around 40 were made

Manufactured between 1957 and 1964 it could be said that the 3500GT saved Maserati from financial ruin. The previous model, the extraordinary A6G 2000 had been produced on a too small scale. The costs incurred by the competition department were extremely high and despite winning the World Sports-car Championship in 1957, the Trident Brand was in poor financial shape when, for the first time, a Maserati production model finally appeared as a commercial success.
The prototype, a Coupéé by Touring, was presented in Geneva on 20th March 1957 and orders started to flow in after the Turin motor show the same year. The superb engine derived directly from the racing machines and the car had great road holding. The coach builder Allemano built four Coupéés between 1958 and 1959 while Bertone built one Coupéé and finally, Frua a Spider. Apart from these exceptions Touring were responsible for making all the Coupéés.
The early cars had front disc brakes and rear drums and on the late 1960 examples disc brakes became standard. While almost 2,000 Coupéés were built during the production run, only 242 short-chassis Vignale Spyders were made. The Spyder, or Convertible / Roadster in English, was a magnificent car, with superb proportions and a rare elegance.

Chassis number AM101 879 seems to be the 22nd of the cars produced out of which were two Vignale prototypes. Around 20 cars were fitted with a longer engine bonnet which covered the wind-screen wipers as modern cars do. The windscreen was in turn a little deeper. This was changed perhaps due to manufacturing difficulties and the later models have exposed windscreen wipers. Therefore, 0879 must be one of the last pre-production cars. According to the factory archives, the car on offer was used as a factory demonstrator between the 17th June 1960 and November 1960 when it was delivered to its first owner, a Signore Franco Foresti in Milano. According to the factory the car was finished in silver "Argento Luna" but other sources claims it was metallic grey "Grigio metalizzato" but all agree that the interior was in red leather. Moreover, the car was fitted with steel wheels and the 4-speed ZF gearbox as were all early cars. It was delivered without a hard-top but it eventually has acquired one. It was sold to its second owner in June 1961 who lived in Rovello Porro (CO). It seems to have been imported to Sweden early in 1965 as it its first MOT at Edsberg station in Stockholm is dated on the 10th of August 1965. The internal engine number of 426 has been checked with the factory and the car still retains its original engine
Fully complete but needing a full restoration, the car on offer remains untouched and unused since the late 60s. As an unknown Vignale spyder which does not appears in any registries or books. It truly represents a fantastic opportunity being a great discovery and an addition to the world's Vignale Spider population.