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LANCIA FULVIA COUPE’ 1.3S SECOND SERIES (1972) CHASSIS N° 818.630*021601, ENGINE: V4, DISPLACEMENT: 1298,26 CM3, POWER: 90 bhp, LEFT HAND DRIVE. The little Fulvia was an innovative front wheel drive automobile, derived from the Flavia, sharing its monocoque+front cradle structure. While the saloon was being launched, Lancia was already working on the coupé: a special version which was designed in house. Wheelbase was reduced by 150 mm., and the body was lighter and more aerodynamic which, thanks to engines which were marginally more powerful, gave the new model a very sporty positioning. With its Second Series the Fulvia Coupé got a five speed gearbox, a double brake system and a 90 horsepower double carburettor engine. With just 970 kg the Fulvia 1.3 S had great performance. Since buying it in 2005, the vendor has completely restored this Fulvia with utmost care: - Complete repaint; - Engine rebuild, with two new carbs; - Braking system rebuild; - New shock absorbers; - New tyres, - Fuel tank clean de-rust and coating; - Complete wiring reconditioning with new clock and fan switch. This car consequently is practically new and a very rare opportunity for someone looking for a pristine Fulvia Coupé at an attractive price. This vehicle is in excellent mechanical condition but for safety reasons, we advise the purchaser to have it checked over and to replace the fluids, filters and perishable elements.

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