1930 Delage D8

D8/15 S coach Autobineau


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    39089 S
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- A very elegant body
- A legendary model
- Original eight-cylinder engine
- No reserve

Introduced in 1929, the Delage D8 was the most prestigious model of this very fine French marquee, and, in some way, it was the road car version of the brilliant Delage 1500 Grand Prix World Championship winning car from 1927. It is therefore particularly interesting that this car was part of the collection of Roger Baillon. The elegant two-door sedan body, according to brand experts and author Daniel Cabart and Claude Rouxel of "Delage, The Beautiful French Car,": "For this car the coachwork for sure was by Autobineau (and not by Delage), from a drawing provided by Letourneur & Marchand. We do not have the specific dates, but what we can tell with accuracy is that No. 110 is an engine from October 1934. We can also indicate that just 65 of these cars had the J 19 chassis "S" ("J" for two-door sedan and "19" for the nineteenth variation of this model since 1928)." Clearly, this car, from the early 1930s, is particularly rare.
It is still equipped with its original engine with a Solex carburetor, a reliable mechanical unit and designed for a smooth, refined drive; this large 4.0-liter OHV unit developed about 105bhp in a very silent way, which made the D8 a competitor to Rolls-Royce and Hispano-Suiza in terms of refinement and performance. An advertising in La Vie Automobile's November 1929 issue, recounted in the book cited above, proudly states: "The French technique, when it is inspired by lessons learnt from racing, does not need monster engines that guzzles gallons of gasoline, but to perform with exceptional pulling power, with the most outstanding performance."
The rest of the car matches the quality of its mechanicals, with high quality finish, velvet upholstery and wooden trim panel on the dashboard. The interior is damaged, with a few cobwebs, but it seems complete, with none of those superb Jaeger instruments missing. The odometer shows 48,903km. At the rear we can see a former Parisian registration number, that of 4235 DR 75 and the body also seems very complete with its spare wheel, as a part of the complete set of five spoked wheels.
This beautiful sedan is a tribute to the elegance that merged with sobriety, characterizing the Delage brand. With its long hood and relatively low roof, it epitomizes a breed that belongs only to high-class cars. Once restored, this distinction will be even more obvious.