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This delightful Delage D8 S showed the 1930s what a sports car should look like

This incredibly rare piece of French automotive history captures the birth of sleek design and performance. Now it's heading to the auction block at Aguttes’ upcoming Spring Sale on the 2nd April 2023.

Think of fast and stylish pre-war French racers and you’ll naturally head straight to the offerings from Bugatti, but cars like the Type 35 and 51 weren’t the only ones carving the way for racers in the 1930s. 

Founded in 1905 by Louis Delâge on the outskirts of Paris, with big dreams of competing at the highest level of the emerging Grand Prix racing scene, Delages were hot property during the 1920s, and few were hotter than the D8 launched in 1929. A D8 S would be rare, but this example was treated to a redesign from none other than Chapron in-period, making it truly one of the most unique Delages in existence. 

Powered by a superb 8-cylinder in-line engine producing 120 horsepower and good for over 120km/h, the D8 S was more than willing to take on the likes of Bugatti and Alfa Romeo. Its low-slung chassis made it agile and predictable while tackling France’s twistiest mountain passes. From a design perspective, the D8 S Torpédo Sport certainly lives up to its striking name; an elongated bonnet is attached to tapered front wings, offering a stylish and minimalist design, something rarely seen during this era of car design. It’s a car that simply looks correct: its proportions are exactly as they should be, while still leaving enough space inside the leather-filled cabin for long journeys. 

Now, this fine example is ready to be enjoyed to the fullest once more as it heads back to its homeland for Aguttes’ upcoming Spring Sale on the 2nd April 2023, alongside a plethora of classic and collector vehicles. Chapron-designed cars are true works of art, representing the Delage’s ‘golden era’ of coach-building, right before it was sold to Delahaye in 1935, where it would meet its demise in 1953. If a useable pre-war machine is exactly what your collection is missing, we think this is the one to go for!