Hitting the Water: The Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows Yacht

Here’s some interesting news for those of you who thought Mercedes-Benz only builds sleek, high-performance road cars - the German automaker has teamed up with Silver Arrows Marine to create a luxurious, 46-foot motor yacht, set to sail the seas in 2013.

At the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show, the public got its first glimpse of what the car designers at Mercedes-Benz have been up to lately. They’ve been busy creating a new yacht concept, to bring the distinctive style of high-end Mercedes cars to the water.

However, the German automobile manufacturer’s involvement in the project was strictly limited to aesthetics. In addition to shaping the exterior, Mercedes was responsible for the layout and the interior design on the vessel, whereas the engineering and construction was handled by the UK-based boat-building company Silver Arrows Marine.


Hitting the Water: The Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows Yacht Hitting the Water: The Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows Yacht

While the craft doesn’t have any bonnet vents or gullwing doors, it nonetheless draws styling cues from road-going Mercedes. For instance, the shape of the cockpit definitely bears a resemblance to the curved windscreen of a CL 550 or E-class coupé. Moreover, the overall design of the motor yacht is a tribute to the legendary Silver Arrows, the highly successful line of Mercedes-Benz racing cars produced in the 1930s.


Measuring 14m long, the luxury yacht has enough space for overnight cruises, but it appears that the ‘Silver Arrow of the seas’ is mainly a day-time boat – ideal for a lazy day at sea. A nice touch is the glass roof that doesn't just offer spectacular ocean views, but also helps passengers get a decent indoor suntan, while travelling at thrilling speeds.

The price for this marine vessel still remains a mystery, but it's likely to be at odds with the word 'inexpensive'.

Photos: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz website: www.mercedes-benz.com.

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