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Ferruccio's Riva restored - with twin Lamborghini V12s

Ferruccio Lamborghini's unique Riva Aquarama has been restored following its discovery some years ago in a lengthy boatyard slumber – and its twin 350 GT-sourced V12s now make it the most powerful Aquarama in the world…

Following Ferruccio’s passing in 1993, the Aquarama was quietly stored under a boatyard tarpaulin until a Riva enthusiast tracked it down and commissioned a full restoration. The work was completed by Dutch specialist Riva-World, and included a 25-coat finish as well as the implantation of two 4.0-litre V12s from Lamborghini’s first production car.

One of the major challenges proved to be converting the engines for maritime use, more specifically – with the assistance of the late marque specialist Bob Wallace – converting one engine to rotate in the opposing direction, and ensuring both water-cooled units could operate on a closed circuit. The result is a top speed of 48 knots, in comparison to the 40 knots of the normally twin-V8-engined Aquaramas.

Ferruccio originally commissioned the build in 1968 and, under the watchful eye of Carlos Riva, it took just three months to complete.

Photos: Maurice Volmeyer Photography