World premiere: HYT H1 Hydro Mechanical Watch

Just when you thought Swiss watchmakers had investigated every possible permutation of form and mechanical complication, someone comes up with not only a “why has no one done that before?” about it, but also a “my goodness, that’s clever!”

It’s a piece that will be presented this March at the Baselworld watch fair and is based on the ancient principles of the water clock.

Instead of carrying an elaborate fountain arrangement on one’s wrist, the wearer of HYT’s H1 will have a 48.8mm-diameter, totally enclosed watch that displays the time in a vibrant shade on a circular tube set on the edge of the face.

Two liquids are carried in this tube, one clear and one dyed fluorescent green (to aid visibility at night). Powered by a mechanical, hand-wound, exclusive HYT calibre movement, two pumps balance the proportions of one to the other - via flexible reservoirs - thus enabling the time to be shown in linear form.


Photos/Video: HYT

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