Watches by Matthew Humphries – now on Classic Driver

When he was design chief at Morgan, Matthew Humphries oversaw the return of the 3 Wheeler. Today, he designs his own watches, and his elegant timepieces are available in the Classic Driver Market…

From cars to watches

Regarded as a child prodigy on the British design scene, Matthew Humphries revealed his first car, the swooping Morgan Aeromax, at just 21 years old. But it was never just cars – alongside his duties at Morgan, he was also appointed the head of design at watch brand Lonville. Today, he runs MHD (Matthew Humphries Design) and, in cooperation with Penelope Jordan, creates his own timepieces, which he recently revealed to us when we visited his garage. The watches themselves are based on automatic Seikos, but are completely redesigned. They are pure and simple, and reminiscent of old military watches. Naturally, there are myriad automotive influences, too. We’re pleased to announce that all MHD’s watches can now be found for sale in the Classic Driver Market. 

Watches by MHD in the Classic Driver Market