The Road to Lake Como

I admit to feeling a tiny glow of malicious satisfaction when Jan Baedeker's report from the seat of a Ferrari 458 Spider, heading to Lake Como, arrived in my inbox this morning...

A quick Google confirms that average UK daytime temperatures in May are around 16 degrees C, yet it's currently 8 degrees and raining outside the windows of the Classic Driver London office, and the thought of Jan, roof down, 570HP engine thrumming along the mountain roads of Northern Italy was just a little hard to bear. But then he reports that they've been hit by sudden bouts of rain so heavy that the Ferrari's wipers have been working overtime.

Of course, I'm not so mean–minded as to wish rain on the fabulous Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este which takes place this weekend. Classic Driver will be reporting live from the event, so let's hope for sun–drenched photographs from one of the most beautiful concours settings in the world. And just a little bit of sunshine left over for London, please.