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Photographer captures Palm Springs modernism by moonlight

During a trip to California, Australian photographer Tom Blachford was so impressed by the graphic simplicity and clean lines of the local homes that he decided to capture them in eerie moonlight, turning the resulting imagery into a photo series entitled ‘Midnight Moderns’…

In a photo essay for Dezeen, Blachford explains the logic behind capturing the modernist homes of Palm Springs in a more twilit setting than usual. “Palm Springs has been seen in a huge amount of imagery, but almost always during bright sunshine,” explains the 27-year-old photographer. He selected properties with no obvious additions in order to create a mid-20th Century atmosphere, occasionally using cars of the era to further set the scene. “We would cruise around in the dark with headlights off, looking for dark patches on the street or a home with no lights on. I would sit in front for a minute or so and let my eyes adjust, and make a call on whether I thought it was interesting or not.” Looks like you were right to trust your instincts, Tom.

Photos: Tom Blachford

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