L.A. traffic is only beautiful from 3,000 metres

The gridlock in Los Angeles is every motorist’s worst nightmare. However, photographer Vincent Laforet shows its mesmerising side in his latest series of aerial photographs…

With his photo-set ‘Air’, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Laforet reveals the magic of a traffic-packed metropolis – a lot easier to do from a helicopter at 10,000 feet than from a driver’s seat ‘in the field’, admittedly. “With these photos, I wanted to give an insight into something I realised in the last few years – the world is much smaller than we think!” The talented photographer continues: “Borders are insignificant, it’s easy to bridge distances. We are all much more closely connected than we actually realise.” Laforet has already explored New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and London from the top down; next up are Paris and Tokyo.

Photos: Vincent Laforet / Laforetair.com

Further information can be found at laforetvisuals.com.