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How about a road trip on southern Germany’s most beautiful roads?

There’s no place like home. After discovering the most beautiful roads across the world for his magazine Curves, the Munich-based photographer Stefan Bogner has dedicated the latest issue to his homeland of southern Germany…

This news couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. After exploring Alpine passes, legendary Californian highways, the Scottish Highlands and hidden routes through the jungle of Thailand, the photographer and editor Stefan Bogner has mapped the most beautiful roads in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg for the 13th issue of Curves.

Bogner’s latest road trip took him and his fellow curve hunters from Baden-Baden across the Black Forest to Lake Constance and along the German Alpine road to Tegernsee, Berchtesgaden and numerous other wonderful corners of Bavaria. Along the way, the Porsche convoy stopped at the Dornier aircraft factories, the Gmünd paper mill and a plethora of fabulous hotels such as Ellmau Castle and the Kranzbach. 

As you leaf through the near-300-page magazine with its collection of enticingly captured dream roads through dark pine forests and along crystal-clear mountain lakes, you realise just how naturally beautiful southern Germany is. The summer sun is still shining, so prepare your sports car, order the southern German edition of Curves from the Classic Driver Shop and start an unforgettable journey through some of Europe’s most beautiful regions and cultural landscapes. As an aside, Bogner has also dedicated an issue of Curves to the rugged Nordic coasts of Germany and Denmark, which we can also thoroughly recommend as inspiration for the intrepid among you.

Which issue of Curves are you still missing?