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The Wolf of Wall Street's Ferrari Testarossa finds a new home thanks to Classic Driver

Every Ferrari Testarossa is likely to have a few gripping stories to tell, but we think that this 1991 example bought from new by former penny stockbroker Jordan Belfort must have enough for a novel, or even a film…

No, we aren’t saying this white Ferrari Testarossa looks just like the one that we saw Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie, err, enjoying in the blockbuster 2013 film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, this actually that car. Now, thanks to Ascot-based collector car experts O´Kane Lavers and a little help from the Classic Driver Market, Jordan Belfort's old pride and joy is now on its way to its excited new owner.

The Testarossa is a true piece of 1980s and 1990s culture. A poster car for so many around the world, it was known for its punchy flat-12 engine and dramatic styling. Heir to the lavish 512 BBi, Pininfarina’s design stepped away from Ferrari’s traditions, opting for a more innovative and squared-off design language. There are so many elements that make the Testarossa instantly recognisable, but the large side intakes which stretch themselves across the door panels and lead into the rear wheels was the type of visual flourish people had never seen before, making it an instant classic among Ferrari fans. A grand total of 9,939 examples were produced over its 12 year lifespan, making it one of the longest running models in Ferrari's modern history.

Purchased new from Steven Kessler Motor Cars in New York City in March 1991, high-flying stockbroker Jordan Belfort knew that this pure-white prancing horse was exactly what his life needed. An already fast-paced individual, navigating one of the world’s most complex stock markets, Belfort took the work hard, play hard mentality to a level only a handful of others have, and even fewer have lived to tell the tale. 

Finished in the unmissable colour combination of Miami Vice-style white with a rich tan leather interior, this Testarossa remains in fantastic original condition throughout, and has covered a mere 8,508 miles since Belfort took delivery 32 years ago. In fact, its originality is clear when you inspect the tyres, which are the original set that were fitted from new!

O’Kane Lavers are no strangers to a unique car or two and have known of this famous example for several years prior to the sale, having been sold by the team before in 2015. The car was given a full recommission by the renowned team at Foskers at the start of 2023, allowing the next custodian to not only fully enjoy its beautiful exterior, but also the wonderful driving experience it offers. Since then, the car was listed for sale to various outlets, but it was the Classic Driver Market where the new, Miami-based owner discovered it. We are delighted to have played a part in ensuring this rare and signifcant example was found by another hugely enthusiastic owner who will undoubtably turn plenty of heads as they cruise down the Miami strip!