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Live life in black and white with this Ferrari 512 BBi pair

Osenat’s upcoming Fontainbleau Auction on March 28th is fast approaching, and we’re already eyeing up this black and white 1983 Ferrari 512 BBi pair. Sometimes choices really are black and white.

With Osenat’s Automobiles et Motos de Collection Fontainebleau Auction on March 28th on the horizon, we’ve been eyeing up some of the upcoming lots - and this pair of 1983 Ferrari 512 BBi’s immediately caught our attention. After all, who wouldn’t want two identical black and white Ferraris? Let’s start with this immaculate Nero 1983 Ferrari 512 BBi. Having recently benefitted from a complete mechanical and aesthetic restoration, if we had to pick just one car from the auction, this would be it. Inside, it’s a beautiful expanse of beige Connoly leather, and when you’re not behind the wheel, you’ll get to enjoy that stunning exterior too, which in the case of the 512 BBi only seems to get better with age. 

The second Berlinetta Boxer under the magnifying glass is another Ferrari 512 BBi from 1983, this time in a summer-ready combination of white over blue leather. This example was originally delivered new to Saudi Arabia and has only covered 29,000 km to date. In 2012, its timing belts and clutch were replaced, while the gearbox and brakes were both also seen to. The reconditioning of this 12 cylinder masterpiece wouldn’t end there, however, as between 2014 and 2015 the whole car was stripped back to bare metal, then resprayed and reupholstered according to its original specification. Considering how stunning the 512 BBi looks in both black and white, we think it’s a shame to have to choose, so why not just pick both? They certainly would make for a fantastic two car garage.