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What’s rarer than a unicorn? This unique lightweight RUF CTR2 aka ’White Pegasus’

Looking for a Porsche 911 that really flies? Well, you've found one right here - in the form of this mythical beast that's known as 'White Pegasus', the one and only lightweight RUF CTR2 ever built.

We've featured the creations of the great Alois RUF's eponymous Pfaffenhausen tuning house on Classic Driver many times, and there are few people who wouldn't agree that any RUF-built car is something rather special. White Pegasus, however, which is currently on sale with German Porsche specialist Jan B. Luehn, is indisputably more special than most.

It was commissioned in 1996 by Japanese enthusiast Jun Takeyama, the  president of Japan's RUF owner's club, a personal friend of Mr. Ruf  and a man who greatly admired the latest, 993-based CTR2 model - but just wanted something more: quite simply, his CTR2 had  to be the fastest and most exotic example in the world. Bar none.

To that end, a brand new 993 bodyshell was ordered from Porsche HQ, something that was common to all of the 29 CTR2s built. 

But this one was subjected to a host of modifications to make it lighter and more aerodynamic, among which were the deletion of the rain gutters; the fitting of RUF-designed carbon Kevlar front wings with unique, built in air vents that flanked the carbon fibre bonnet; a front bumper, spoiler and sideskirts designed and made by RUF; aluminium doors and Lexan polycarbonate rear and side windows.

It was at the rear end of the car, however, that things got really radical. Considerably wider than a standard 993, a combined spoiler/air intake was integrated into the engine lid, the intercoolers for the two turbochargers were built into the bodywork and  air vents and outlets for the twin, central exhausts were incorporated into the bumper.

Takeyama insisted that the racer-for-the-road theme should be carried through to the interior, too - so, instead of the regular CTR2's relatively luxurious cabin, he got the most basic of floor mats, gossamer Recaro seats, carbon door panels, Sabelt five-point harnesses, and a dashboard that was not merely covered in Alcantara, but in lightweight Alcantara.

To further  show he meant business, Takeyama specified that the car's heater control unit should be shifted to the left in order to allow quick and easy access to the turbo boost control - which sits, enticingly, just a finger's reach from the quick-release RUF steering wheel (which, importantly, is also not far from the ignition isolator switch and plumbed-in fire system...) 

Hidden away at the rear of all this bespoke perfection sits the car's air-cooled, 3.6 litre, twin turbo flat six engine meticulously built by RUF and fitted with  RUF fuel injection and exhaust systems. Driving through a six-speed, custom made manual gearbox and a limited slip differential, it sends  520 horsepower to the rear wheels at 5,800 rpm - and all to propel a car that weighs just 1,330 kg (50 kg less than a 'normal' CTR2).

Keeping the whole thing on the straight and narrow are a set of Bilstein gas shock absorbers, some enormous, 360mm brake discs grabbed by calipers custom-made for RUF by Brembo and four beautifully sculpted, 18-inch modular wheels by Speedline. 

Takeyama kept the car for many years, using it for track days and RUF events. Not that you would know from looking at it today, because he was careful to have the underside waxed from new, covered the body with protective film and was meticulous about swapping the Speedlines for track wheels whenever he used the car in anger.

After leaving Mr Takeyama's ownership, the unique CTR2 went to Tokyo's legendary Bingo Sports dealership before being exported to Belgium in 2016 and into the hands of new owner - who, not content with the reams of paperwork attesting to its cosseted life in Japan, sent the car back to RUF for a full, comprehensive and eye-wateringly expensive service.

In January of the following year, a Belgium-based Porsche expert compiled a somewhat exhaustive (ie 63 page) report on the one-off , at the end of which he concluded: "The car has [covered] just over 18,500 km today and looks like it has hardly been driven. It shows that its previous owners took amazing care of the car and treated it as it should.

"White Pegasus is the ultimate CTR2, being the only lightweight in the series of 29 cars. "Due to its unique nature, its fabulous condition and the fact that RUF cars are becoming more and more collectable, it's a sure thing that this car will keep rising in value for many years to come....."

 To which we have little to add, other than to say: "White Pegasus, we want you - and what must we do to earn our wings?"

Photos: Mario Bok © 2022

This RUF CTR2 Lightweight is currently listed for sale with Jan B. Luehn in the Classic Driver Market.

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