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Marvel at the world’s most modest Lamborghini Murciélago

It’s virtually a law that any new Lamborghini has to be ordered in the most eye-searing shade possible, but sometimes raging bulls emerge from Sant’Agata in more modest colours, such as this lovely Blue Hera Lamborghini Murciélago for sale with LBI Limited.

One of the primary objectives for any Lamborghini is to steal looks; from the cops, from attractive men or women on the sidewalk, from the local dogs, it doesn’t matter who. Colours like Giallo Midas and Verde Scandal further add to Lamborghini’s “look at me” attitude, but that isn’t to say you have to colour-match your Lambo to your favourite flavour of Skittles. This 2007 Lamborghini Murciélago LP640-4 finished in Blue Hera Metallic absolutely proves that sometimes less is more when it comes to Italian supercars. 

Much like the Diablo that preceded it, the comparatively restrained lines of the Murciélago only seem to ripen with time, and we couldn’t imagine a better specification than this example for sale with LBI Limited. Not only is that dark blue metallic exterior perfectly understated, but the silver wheels also add a touch of eye-candy, lifting the overall look. Showing just over 4,000 miles on the clock, this Murci’s 6.5-litre, 631hp V12 is ready to scream around your best local roads. 

Step inside, and you’ll notice the demure exterior is hiding a slightly more flamboyant cabin. The blue and white leather interior works marvellously, though, especially with that contrasting red stitching. Arguably the only thing we’d change about this Murciélago is the gearbox: this one has the 6-speed “e-Gear” automated manual transmission. While it might not be quite as sweet as a manual, we have heard good things about the emotive gearshift that this box offers, especially compared to the clinically efficient DCTs found in modern Lambos. So, if you’ve always loved the Murciélago’s iconic ‘bat wings’, but don’t want the colour to shout as much as the V12, then look no further than this modern classic.