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    113 mi / 182 km
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2018 Continuation - as new.

Straight body with no obvious dents and consistent panel gaps. Excellent green paint with white roundels showing only minimal surface scratching. Windshield and windows are crack-free. With only 113 miles on the odometer, this car remains as-new condition throughout. The interior and engine bay are virtually pristine. Excellent Ruote Borrani wire wheels fitted with 6.00L-16 Dunlop Racing tires.

Indicated Mileage: 113

The subject car (#0209) is a 2018 Aston Martin DB4 GT Continuation; one of a reported 25 track-only cars built by Aston Martin Works beginning in 2017.



When the all-new Touring designed Aston Martin DB4 was first shown to the public in October of 1958, its potential for sports car racing was immediately evident. In fact, a racing version of the new GT model had already been in development for six months and a prototype was ready by the following March. Driven by Stirling Moss, this car promptly won its first race in May of 1959 at the Silverstone International, winning the pole position and setting a new lap record in the process. In order to even get the new GT entered, Aston Martin had to first agree to officially put the model into production.

The resulting lightweight, high-performance DB4 GT was introduced at the London Motor Show in September of 1959. While outwardly maintaining the general look of the original DB4, the new GT model featured a five-inch shorter wheelbase and its Italiandesigned superleggera body work was made of incredibly thin 18-gauge aluminum alloy. This, along with the removal of the rear seats reduced the car’s weight by some 200 pounds. Additionally, the engine of the DB4 GT was extensively modified with a higher 9:1 compression, twin-plug dual ignition and triple Weber 45 DCOE carburetors all of which produced an impressive 302 horsepower. With a top speed of 153-mph, it instantly became the fastest British car of its era. The DB4 GT was not only a gentleman’s GT racing car that enjoyed considerable success in its day, but also represented a strong challenge to Ferrari’s dominance in the GT class.

Today the DB4 GT is celebrated as one of the most revered models in Aston Martin’s venerable history and they are much coveted by collectors around the world. Only 75 examples were built between 1959 and 1963 and good ones generally sell for well over $3 million. Capitalizing on the desire of certain well-healed Aston Martin enthusiasts to own a DB4 GT, Aston Martin announced in 2016 that they would build 25 ‘Continuation’ cars. The extremely accurate replicas would even continue on from the serial number of the last original DB4 GT (#0202R).

The 25 DB4 GT Continuations were all hand-built to exacting standards at the Aston Martin Works, the brand’s Heritage Division in Newport Pagnell, each taking upwards of 3,000 hours. Digital scans of original cars and over 400 factory drawings were used to ensure accuracy. Every part was completely new and finished to higher standards than in 1959. Additionally, several improvements to the original design were incorporated into the continuations, including modern safety equipment and a slightly larger 340 horsepower 4.2-liter engine. All of this came with a starting price of $2,080,000.

The subject car (#0209) is a 2018 Aston Martin DB4 GT Continuation; one of a reported 25 track-only cars built by Aston Martin Works beginning in 2017.

1963 uk registered .