These innovative Tiny Homes prove size isn’t everything

In a world where residential space is becoming increasingly contested, more and more people are downsizing. Everybody knows size isn’t everything, but could you live in a property as small as these Tiny Homes by New Frontier?

The clever use of space and innovative integration of facilities in these Tiny Homes by New Frontier mean that you could realistically call one your home for far longer than a two-week holiday. Beyond the funky wooden exterior, there is a beautifully designed, handcrafted interior akin to a traditional country cottage that’s been tastefully modernised. And thanks to vast central windows on either side, light is abundant. The philosophy behind them is to help people regain a better work-life balance, live debt free with economic responsibility and be allowed the freedom to travel or change careers. Downsizing has never been so appealing.

Photos: New Frontier Tiny Homes

You can find more information at New Frontier’s official website