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These 10 holiday homes have us dreaming of summer

Fight those late winter blues with a sunny outlook and a little reward for surviving the past few bitterly cold weeks. To lift your mood and provide a light at the end of the tunnel, we recommend you rent one of these 10 wonderful summer homes…

Although summer is more of a distant dream than an inevitability given the current weather in Central Europe, booking a beautiful summer home on a sunny spot in Europe during the most beautiful months of the year can give you something to look forward to. Classic Driver dealer Emile Garcin offers countless wonderful villas, castles, and beach houses to rent in some of the most beautiful corners of France and Morocco. The following 10 summer homes in particular have caught our eye. Now, you shouldn’t wait too long to make the booking, as the beach chairs at the pool are slowly being filled by other sun-hungry visitors.

10 summer holiday homes you can rent now