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Tesla’s invisible solar panels allow you to go green, even in the desert

With millions of people living in deserts the world over, proper accommodation to facilitate both the extremely hot days of the summer and the absolutely frigid nights of the winter can be difficult to come by. Luckily, BMDesign has designed a naturally ventilated home, perfect for the desert…

Desert dwelling

Designed by architects from Iranian-based BMDesign, the concrete Alvai House features a naturally ventilated, ‘double skin’ exterior that makes living in the desert a breeze. Its sloped roof creates negative pressure to help ventilate the home, while the double skin, made out of invisible Tesla solar panels, open and close — a function that lets the sun in to provide heat in the winter and shade to cool the building in the summer. The design also utilises evergreen trees, pool, pond, and indoor garden of snake plants to purify the air. It’s about time the desert got a little greener…

Photos: BMDesign

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