b2Homes in Puerto de Andratx is the curve-lover’s dream home

In Puerto de Andratx in Majorca, an innovative, exceptionally eco-friendly house with spectacular curved architecture is currently being planned. Fourteen apartments will be available, each with an elegant curved private terrace and pool…

b2Homes is a balancing act between luxury, architecture, ecology and economy

The Balearic Islands are among the most beautiful spots in Europe, and hence are also among the largest and fastest growing luxury real estate markets out there. Compared with other holiday destinations on the Med, Majorca has prevented excessive development and maintained its nature – today just seven per cent of the island is developed. International interest is high, meaning sustainable building projects that provide environmental protection are achievable. In the sophisticated fishing village of Puerto de Andratx on Majorca’s southwest coast, plans are underway for an interesting luxury building project.

By 2015, the architectural firm Blue will have built a highly ecological and sustainable house, certified according to new international standards. “Although this will become the minimum standard for all new construction in the EU as early as 2020,” explains lead architect Volker Schmitz, “we are the first and only company that already implements these standards in the Balearic Islands.” Together with the economist Thomas Ulrich Jüttner, Schmitz directs the Blue International Holding Group. Also involved in the project in Puerto de Antratx is Majorcan architect Jordi Herrero Campo and a highly competent team of architects and engineers. 

The art of 'curved architecture'

“In southern Europe, energy consumption per square metre is actually much higher than in temperate climates, because of the heating periods in the winter and cooling periods in the summer,” says Schmitz. However, thanks to the architecture and passive construction of the house, virtually no emissions are produced, with extra costs reduced to the absolute minimum. Architecturally, the house blends into the landscape with extreme sensitivity. “We’re constantly concerned with protecting and preserving nature,” says Schmitz, “and almost every new stone we place will be called into question.” 

All imaginable amenities

The residents-to-be will enjoy breathtaking and unobstructed views of the sea, rarely offered in Majorca. All 14 apartments are sized between 146 and 412 square metres, and each will have a 70-metre private terrace and a private infinity pool. The interiors themselves are also extremely well presented and elegantly furnished – buyers can choose floors made from Majorcan polished marble, solid wood parquet or, for the purists, concrete. In addition, built in air-conditioning, private double lifts and even room, housekeeping and security services are available. 

Unique implementation

“Here we have developed an integrated landscape and an economical, future-orientated building and development concept, which will be implemented in its unique form in Majorca,” says Schmitz. Those who are interested in an apartment should waste no time in contacting Blue International as interest in the project is high. 

You can find more information on b2Homes in Puerto de Andratx and other projects from Blue Real Estate in the Classic Driver Market.