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Just how cheap can a modern Aston Martin be?

Anyone who follows the current fashion pays the price – this is proven by the currently less popular and therefore surprisingly affordable Aston Martins built between 1995 and 2010…

The success of Aston Martin today would have been unimaginable without the rejuvenation of the company initiated by Ford in 1994 and overseen by visionary CEO Ulrich Bez into the new millennium. Interestingly, the Grand Tourers built in this formative period are surprisingly affordable today – in fact, collectors only just seem to have woken up to the final Astons hand-built at Newport Pagnell. You can find examples of the DB7 and subsequent Vanquish, DB9, and V8 Vantage for upwards of 35,000 euros and in quintessentially British colour combinations. 

Of course, the special models are slightly more valuable, but the overall design language of these British GTs has aged very well indeed. Built between 2001 and 2007, the V12 Vanquish is one of the most exciting collector cars from the past 20 years and has significant potential to appreciate in value. And even a well-groomed and lower-mileage DBS can be had for little more than 100,000 euros. To put that in perspective, the new DBS Superleggera costs three times that. We wouldn’t wait for the rest of the herd to discover these special sports cars…

These modern Aston Martin Grand Tourers won’t cost you a fortune